Started Apr 30, 2020 12:01PM UTC   •   Closed Nov 01, 2020 03:59AM UTC

Will the number of positive influenza tests from 4 October through 31 October, as reported by clinical laboratories in the U.S. by CDC FluView, exceed 1500 cases?

The outcome will be determined using data for 4 October through 31 October from CDC FluView Surveillance Reports by "No. of positive specimens." Only test results from clinical laboratories will be included (and not public health laboratories). Note that the date range was selected as such because FluView provides weekly reports from Sunday through Saturday. These dates represent weeks 40 through 43 of 2020. The following totals are for the same weeks for the past four years: 2019 - 1843 positive cases, 2018 - 379 positive cases, 2017 - 1150 positive cases, 2016 - 651 positive cases.

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